Skipper's Poetry
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School Rules

Hush now children, you should not speak
You are not old enough; your minds are too weak
Freedom of speech, is banned from our schools
Please keep silent, for those are the rules.

No prayers allowed, your beliefs could offend
Please pray to yourself, and not with your friend
Freedom of religion, is banned from our schools
Please do not pray, for those are the rules.

Remove all those books, from the classroom shelves
We judge them by cover, and not by themselves
Freedom of press, is banned from our schools
Please read what we say, for those are the rules.

Now they wonder why our children hate rules
Are they blind not to see, what they’ve done to our schools
If we allow those who are weak, to make all the rules
We will wake up one day, without any schools
I Am

I have always been, I will always be
Both past and future, I can always see
I know the number of leaves on a tree
The number of apples in every seed
I hear all the cries and I count every tear
I know every child’s darkest fears
I know every person’s deepest thoughts
I have witnessed every battle fought
Daily I count the heavenly stars
Then call them by name, both near and far
I know every promise that has ever been told
I created the billion-letter DNA code
I know every human, both living and dead
I know the number of hairs on their head
I am Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, and End
The Master Creator, Forgiver of Sins
The Lamb of God and the Son of Man
I am the Resurrection, the Great I Am.
Life’s Little Store

Now open, Life’s Little Store
Come on in and let’s take the tour
There are things of value on every shelf
So take your time and help yourself
On isle one we have new attitudes
Each one is good, both new and improved
Then get you some business, a carton is fine
Because if you are minding yours, you can’t mind mine
Here’s some laughter, better fill up your cup
Then use it daily to brighten things up
Don’t forget to grab some Joy and Cheer
Then pass it around to all who are near
Add yourself a box of Love
It’s an item you’ll never have too much of
Then top it all off with a six-pack of smiles
A few extra cases should last you a while
Now remember we stock these things all the time
So fill up your basket, it won’t cost you a dime
Then use each item with plenty of care
And if you find you have extra, be sure to share
When you run out, come get you some more
Because we’re always open, at Life’s Little Store.
What I Want

I never want to be alone
I want to share with you a home
I want our love as strong as stone
I want to be happy, when I am grown
I want to share my dreams with you
I want to set goals, and then see them through
I want our hearts to forever be true
I want a full life of memories too
I never want for us to fall
I want a hundred Springs and Falls
I want to cuddle with you all night
I want our lives tied closely tight
I want to make up after every fight
I want to know that life is right
I want you with me every day
I want you to promise you will always stay
I want to be your hero brave
I want some dreams and memories to save
I want to walk hand in hand all day
I want to watch our children play
I want to dance our lives away
But mostly, my love . . .
I want to be beside you, as your hair turns grey.
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