Skipper Laman - Songwriter
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I'll Come Back To You
Dad's Visit
1. I'll Come Back To You (ft. Gilberbaci)
2.  When An Angel Breaks Your Heart (ft. Jprajo)
3.  Borrowed Angel (Kayla's Song)  (ft. Jprajo)
4.  Daddy's Got A Shotgun (ft. Alexi Cowman)
5.  Always & Forever (ft. Jprajo)
6.  My Dearest Angel
7.  Dad's Visit (ft. Anne McLeod)
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Music videos and songs written
and directed by Skipper Laman
1.  Bedroom Rodeo
2.  I Can't Get Her Out of My Head
3.  Settle Down
4.  When I Get Home To You
5.  Jericha
6.  Train to Glory
7.  Love Just Goes Wrong
8.  Hey Bartender
9.  Scars of the Heart
10. Pour Me
11. The Storm
12. You Broke This Heart of Mine
13. You Can't Have This Heart of Mine
14. Tired, Drunk and Stoned
15. Never Gonna Be That Guy
16. Beer Break
17. Tramp Stamp
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