Songwriting Critique
This page is for readers to submit a song and allow other readers to leave feedback on it.
Songwriters: If you are a songwriter and want to see what others think about your lyrics, you may submit you song by emailing it to and put submit in the subject line.


1. Take everything as a critique and don't allow yourself to get hurt. These comments are for your consideration on making your a better writer.

2. Please only submit one song per email.

3. If you do not want your name included, at least give me a pen name to use and include this information in your email.

4. Each song will stay up on the main critique page for one month, then be moved to the archives where you can reference it on your own site as publicity.

5. If you submit a song and you want critique, please return the favor and leave comments on someone else's song.

6. If you would like to leave a link to your social media account or YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. please list it in your email just as you want it to appear.
Readers: If you would like to leave feedback on a song that has been submitted, please fill out the comment form below and hit submit.


1. Please do not be rude or obscene or just downright mean. Be productive and leave constructive criticism.

2. Read the entire song before submitting a comment, that way the writer gets a fair shake.

3. If you really enjoyed the song, let the writer know that.

4. Do not leave comments about other comments. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is not your opinion.

5. Please respect the copyrights of the writer and do not plagiarize or use their lyrics without consulting with the writer first. If you are interested in some lyrics, email me at and I will put you in touch with the writer if they are interested.
[December 2019]
This month's submissions: